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Eurovision 2018

It's the singing competition that discovered Abba! European and other overseas nations compete sending their best of the best singers to represent their respective countries and compete in the world's largest music championships! Relive the 2018 event and catch special full length videos of all the top performers.

High School Football Night in Texas

In this big state the big leagues aren't where all the action is.. High School Football isn't just a big event, it's a way of life. With games being played all over the State, High School Football Night in Texas gives you a front row seat to top games and brings all the atmosphere and excitement that goes along with them right into your living room!

Ultra Music Festival Miami

The world's premier electronic music festival, boasting elite DJs and unparalleled production located in the beautiful city of Miami. Check out all the excitement in countless hours of sweeping coverage by UMF TV.

Toyota Country Music Festival

It's one large country music festival straight to you from...Australia?!!
The variety of country music is endless during the festival with over 800 performers and 4,000 shows across 120 different venues.