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Television that never takes a break!

About Television

The Big Event is on!

Big Event TV brings the nation and world's most exciting, high adrenaline and often overlooked events right to your living room. Don't let your television be bored anymore! Somewhere in the world, right now something big is happening! Don't miss it. Get some popcorn and the edge of your seat ready.

The Big Event is available everywhere Netflix® is! If you have a television, you can be part of The Big Event! A dynamic live and on-demand streaming platform that is to events what Netflix® is to movies!

What's your thrill?

Sports? Music? Festivals?

Whether you want to go to a music festival in Spain, a beauty pageant in Lithuania, a car race in Dubai or a vintage baseball game in the US you can... The Big Event takes you to the places where your heart will skip a beat, where your eyes won't be able to blink and only the edge of your seat will need to be used!

The Big Event makes every night Event Night! TV watching like it was meant to be and once was.. a big event where the whole family may gather around the the television, eyeballs glued to the screen, popcorn flowing and memories being made. The highlight of every day.. The Big Event !

If you have a television, you can be part of The Big Event!

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